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Cleanaer™ & the Allergy UK Seal of Approval
Cleanaer technology is endorsed by Allergy UK and has been awarded their prestigious Seal of Approval for the reduction of house dust mite and cat allergen. The Seal of Approval is given to products that specifically restrict/reduce/remove allergens from the environment of the allergy sufferer products.

Cleanaer technology can help improve indoor air quality by precipitating and locking-down airborne particulates like allergens. Once removed, they do not return. Read the summary of how we obtained this award

Other evidence
Cleanaer has also been independently tested and shown to remove airborne particulates; reduce airborne viruses and bacteria; and remove the smell of cigarette smoke. Hayfever customers have found great benefit from using Cleanaer. Read our testimonials. Cleanaer is endorsed by Allergy UK for 17m3, as this was the size of the room in which scientific tests were conducted, however, a single Cleanaer unit fragrances a room up to 152m3 in size.

Cartridge varieties
Although Cleanaer cartridges are available in a variety of fragrances we recommend that allergy-sufferers use fragrance-free "Pure Allergy" cartridges.

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Important information:
Please consult your doctor before stopping any medication, even if the effects are fantastic and you feel you no longer need your inhaler/tablets. Only the doctor can advise when to stop taking medication.